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The Wine Apprentice 

One of the brilliant aspects of wine is its ability to bring people together, building connections and encouraging conversation. This makes a wine tasting perfect for team building, as well as an excellent social activity.

With this in mind, Unparalleled Taste has developed “The Wine Apprentice”, a team building challenge with a difference, which encourages groups to interact and have fun with their colleagues and friends.

Combining the elements of wine tasting, team building and a fun challenge, "The Wine Apprentice" is ideal for teams of four to six people and lasts for about three hours.

While being introduced to the challenge, the teams are also introduced to the world of wine. They have the opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine, while relaxing and finding out what the event is all about.

This relaxed atmosphere also provides the perfect opportunity for team members to introduce themselves to each other, particularly valuable if the team doesn’t work together on a daily basis.

The friendly experts from Unparalleled Taste then lead the group through how to taste a wine, giving them top tips that will help them complete the task at hand.

Once these introductions are complete, the real challenge begins.

The teams are challenged to taste a wine, using their new found skills, and then come up with a design for a front and back label for a wine bottle. The label will need to describe the wine and the teams will have to choose what style of label to go for. Will it be contemporary? Funky? Out there? Classic?

After plenty of tasting, designing, discussing and deciding, each team will present their wine to the rest of the group in the boardroom for judging. Once all the wines have been presented (and tasted!) the experts from Unparalleled Taste and the teams will decide the winner of "The Wine Apprentice" challenge.

"The Wine Apprentice" challenge provides a unique opportunity to bring together the best of the worlds of wine tasting and team building, creating an enjoyable event that won’t be easily forgotten for $50 per person. 

We’d be delighted to discuss this exciting team building challenge with you. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a challenge, please use the form on our Contact Us page, or call us at 404-904-9466.

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