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Our Mission

Although wine is simply the fermented juice of fresh grapes, the variations are infinite. Our information is directed as an intelligent, meaningful understanding of wine, hopefully delivered with occasional humor and skepticism, but without commercial "spin" or arrogant pretense.

Our goal is to share and spread wine appreciation and at the same time put a cork in wine snobbery and expose dogma that is intended to promote wine sales rather than wine understanding. 

We believe wine tasting is simple and pleasurable fun. However, wine flavors change according to the variety of grapes, location of the vineyard, seasonal weather conditions, grape growing methods, wine-making techniques and equipment, the age of the wine, how it has been stored, the serving temperature, and even by the environmental conditions and context of where the wine is consumed.

It is important for our visitors and clients to understand that our mission is to provide wine education; we don't sell anything. There's no "catch"; we simply think we will all be healthier when we enjoy a little wine every day.

Cheers – Gerry & Marisa

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