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Welcome! Do come in…. Unparalleled Taste is dedicated to making your wine tasting experience more enjoyable by the minute.

Unparalleled Taste has written a book dedicated to helping all the wine novices out there learn about wine in a easy-to-read way. We use basic descriptions, examples, and the ‘how-to’ of tasting wines. Here’s an excerpt from ‘Tasting Wine with Unparalleled Taste’:

'Learning how to taste wines is a marvelous experience that deepens our appreciation for wine. Starting with our basic senses (look, smell and taste) this book ’Tasting Wine with Unparalleled Taste’ allows us to better appreciate a wine’s qualities, to assess whether it’s drinkable, and to be able to identify typical aromas and tastes. This is the point of any wine tasting, simply to find wines that we will thoroughly enjoy.'

Although this e-book is a quick read at 112 pages, it will give you the knowledge to walk into a restaurant, dinner party, or wine store, and impress those around you, or at the very least, understand and discuss wine with everyone.

We all have to start somewhere! Start with this book!