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Stylish, Informative, and Entertaining Wine Events

About Us

Gerry Whitson and Marisa Harrer are Unparalleled Taste. We are business partners who love life and great wine.  We grew up elsewhere and now make our homes in the northern suburbs of Atlanta.

Gerry is a reformed banker and holds the Certified Specialist of Wine Designation from the Society of Wine Educators.  He has worked as a wine educator for over 20 years. He's "that guy" at the restaurant who picks the perfect bottle of wine for you when you're not sure what to order.  In other words, he lives and breathes this stuff!  It's good to find your passion.

Marisa is now a homemaker after having spent 20 years working corporate and private events.  She has an excellent understanding of how to make your event work for you.  She's "that gal" your friends always call to help plan a special occasion.  She is a passionate person who has also found a great passion in wine.  Currently, she is working on her sommelier certificate, so we call her the 'sommelier in training'....

We take the pretentiousness out of the wine experience.  No wine snobs here!  We have a passion for wine, and together we provide a combination that makes for a unique and distinctive experience for our clients.

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